Tied At The Heart

Amanda, Birth Mom

Tied at the Heart is such an amazing organization! I didn't realize all the healing I still had left to do in my adoption journey and the women behind Tied at the Heart have helped me leaps and bounds when it comes to being open and honest about my feelings and struggles in the adoption world.

I have met so many remarkable people through this organization and cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not been touched by them and the work they do! To be able to reach out to birth parents everywhere and allow healing and grieving to be done openly is such a rare thing to find. I am beyond thankful for this organization.


April, Birth Mom

I attended my first retreat in October and it was the most powerful thing I have ever been apart of. The instant bond I felt with complete strangers was magical.

I left feeling complete and my heart whole. I feel so lucky to have met a sisterhood of women that understand every tear that falls and even though our journeys are different, we all understand each other and our uniqueness that binds us. - April

Tamra, Birth Mom

I have attended four Tied At The Heart retreats and I get something new out of each one! Tied At The Heart has helped me expand my adoption community and support system.

They have been the means of my meeting some truly incredible people. It's amazing the bond and connection that can happen in only a weekend (though these relationships continue on from the retreats).

I always learn and grow by hearing others' insights and perspectives and it is so validating and puts me so at ease to be around people to whom you don't need to explain or defend my choice. 

I am so grateful for the organizers and all those who contribute to these gatherings! It is such a gift and changes lives! (Also a total blast!) -Tamra

Danya, Adoptive Mom

Tied At The Heart is an INCREDIBLE organization born out of a genuine desire to help all those whose lives are touch by adoption. They are extremely experienced, well educated on current/past adoption issues, and compassionate in every way. 

As an adoptive mother of three, I had the opportunity this past November to attend one of their adoption retreats out of state. Three days with Tied At The Heart taught me more about fostering healthy adoption relationships with my children, our birth families, and my own self, than 6 years of personal research has.

Our son's birth mother was also in attendance with me and I can say without any doubt this experience was life changing for the both of us, and that was done in THREE DAYS! That in and of itself speaks to the skill and love Tied At The Heart has for the people it reaches out to. -Danya

Alicia, Birth Mom

Tied at the Heart will help you learn, love and accept all that is feared with adoption. The ladies that run this go above and beyond to help ladies and gentlemen feel loved and understood. Bringing people together from all over the country, one retreat at a time! 

Thank you Tied At The Heart for giving me hope when I thought there wasn't any. I will never be able to thank you enough for having me at a retreat to build me up as a person. That hands down was one of the most spectacular weekends of my life. -Alicia

Sally, Adoptive Mom

Tied At The Heart is an amazing organization. Hearts and souls have been poured into it with the goal of helping birth moms heal. It goes so much further than that.

Through education, outreach, and LOVE, so many lives have been changed. I've seen the growth my children's birth moms have experienced after attending retreats. I was lucky enough to attend one recently that was also for adoptive moms.

There was so much sharing and learning packed into three days. I will always support Tied At The Heart for the good it does in the world. -Sally