Tied At The Heart

We have so many amazing events going on! we would love to see you come and join in the fun! We offer many different payment options to make them easier for you to attend. Included in your price you receive:

-Carpools to and from the closest airport




-Classes, discussion groups, and other activities


When you set up the payment plans, they will automatically come out of your preferred payment method. There is no refund on the deposit. 

Our Upcoming Events:

-Masquerade Ball - December 31st

-Utah Birthmom Retreat (Heber Area) - February 17-19

-Georgia Retreat (location TBA) - April 13-16

-Hawaiian Luau Fun-Raiser (Salt Lake) - June 17th

-California Birth Mom/Adoptive Mom Retreat (location TBA) - August 3-6

-Dallas Birth Mom Retreat (location TBA) - November 2-5