Tied At The Heart

Preparing for a retreat

Attending your first retreat can seem really scary. You have never been to a retreat before. All you know is that you go to a house, with a bunch of strangers, and will possibly cry. 

We rent out a house because we feel that is where we can talk and get to know each other the easiest. We all sit around the family rooms and talk on the couches. The first group is always a getting to know you group. You share as little or as much about your story as you feel you want to, then share a few fun facts. 

Some people choose to go to bed early, others never sleep! It is hard to not become fast friends when you share in something so life-changing. In the morning we wake up and eat breakfast together and then the fun begins! We have discussion groups, crafts, activities, usually a release ceremony, lots of yummy snacks, and usually at night a small version of a dance party! 

You enter in with 15 strangers and leave with 15 friends.