Jeanie Bigham

Jeanie is a birth mother of two beautiful children. A boy born in 2001 and a girl born in 2004. Both children were placed at birth with the same family. The adoption started as semi-open adoption but it has grown and changed over the years into an open adoption.

Jeanie was born and raised in the Midwest. She moved to Utah 10 years ago to marry her husband, Vaughn. He came into her life shortly after her 2nd placement. And has been a great support to her in her journey as a birth mother and an adoption advocate. Vaughn and Jeanie have two young children together that they parent.

Jeanie has been an adoption advocate before she even realized that she was, always telling everyone she met about her story. She met Jessalynn in 2010 and was invited into the adoption community in Utah. She had only known a few birth mothers before meeting Jessa. She attended the very first Tied At The Heart retreat and it changed her life in so many ways. She  has continued to attend every retreat that Tied At The Heart has held. She found that not only did the retreats help her as a birth mother but also as a wife, mother, and friend. She was asked to join the Tied At The Heart board in August of 2015.

Jeanie‚Äôs passion for helping birth parents has grown so much as she has found peace in her story. Her story has been published in newspapers, blogs and a magazine. She also has been a part of many birth parent panels at adoption conferences and adoption classes. She enjoys speaking at high schools about the adoption option. Jeanie has degrees in Hospitality & Tourism Management & Meeting and Event Management. After years of working for and managing hotels, she decided to find a way to spend more time with her children. She now owns and operates a house cleaning business.

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