Amy Erickson

Amy placed a baby girl into a closed adoption 21 years ago. She was surprised to be reunited with her birth daughter three years ago and has since been learning to navigate the sometimes tricky and difficult waters of post reunion adoption relationships.

She sought support a year after being reunited hoping to find answers to the roller coaster of emotions she was experiencing. She found Jessalynn and soon after attended her first Tied At The Heart retreat in July of 2014 in Utah. She was amazed to find that not only was she living right in the middle of a large community of birth mothers, but that she would never have to take a step in her journey alone again.

Amy has since participated in multiple birth parent panels, written articles for adoption blogs about her reunion experience and attended various birth mother retreats and conferences to continue to grow her circle of friendship and support. She has found peace in her adoption experience through the opportunity to share, fellowship, love and listen to other women who have placed a child for adoption.

Amy lives in Draper, Utah with her husband Eric of 13 years and parents four kids: Braiden (17), Paige (11), Cameron (8), Max (5). She is a Registered Nurse. She enjoys seeing movies, dancing, running and being with friends and family in her spare time. She loves God and loves sharing her adoption story in hopes that someone looking for support will find it through her.

Tied At The Heart